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My First Interview

I’m  excited to share with you all my first interview about Beadaful Designs by Donna.  I was interviewed by

It is an audio interview  and it’s so strange hearing my voice.  I talk about how I got started, tell a little bit of my background and my explain my design process.  I hope you find it informative.


A “Beadaful” Approach October 19, 2014

by Noella Noelophile®

donna levy

Designer Donna Levy is beautifying gardens in a new way.  Actually, maybe that term should be, “beadifying”.

Besides the woven bead jewelry she designs, Donna creates “garden jewelry” for her small business, Beadaful Designs by Donna.  She has also come up with a unique way of remembering a loved one or pet, through her jewelry.

Donna talked about her background, her experiences as an artist entrepreneur and some of her creations.