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Pick The Best Oil For Your Skin Type

What is the best oil for your skin type?

When I was younger the idea of purposely putting any extra oil on my face would be the last thing I wanted to do, because having an oil slick on my face wasn’t desirable.  I had to constantly blot my face.  If not, you were able see your refection on my forehead.  How times have changed, the oil well has dried up.   At the present, my skin is more normal to the dry side, depending on the weather.  Now it craves the nourishing and anti-oxidizing properties of that precious oil, that for years, I detested.


The purpose of adding oil to the skin is to replace or aide to the production of sebum ( oil).  The Sebum normally provides a fatty layer on the surface in order to help protect against from dehydration.  If the skin is lacking  sebum, then it can not sufficiently protect the skin surface from water evaporation and eventual additional damage to the barrier function ( wrinkles).

To take out the mystery about what oils would be beneficial to your skin type, I have compiled a chart showing you the different oils and their benefits.

Donna Levy | Beadaful Designs by Donna

Now that you are educated with what’s best for your skin, you can go the beauty isle and pick out the best oil product for your skin with confidence.  I would like to recommend a wonderful blended treatment oil.  It is  Replenishing Oil by Donna’s Skin Essentials.  It is formulated for the normal to dry/mature skin types.  Your skin will enjoy this luxuriously lightweight, fast-absorbing and loaded with anti-oxidants.   The Replenishing Oil instantly hydrates to reveal luminous healthy-looking and silky soft skin.  You can purchase it on this site or at Salon Indah in Long Beach, CA.


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