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Cocoa & Shea Sugar Body Scrub – Sweet Citrus – 226g/8oz


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Experience intense exfoliation from this gentle and luxurious Cocoa & Shea Sugar Body Scrub.  It will leave your skin silky smooth and moisturized all day.


Ingredient Detail:

Sugar – It is the exfoliation function for the scrub.

Olive Oil – This is an ultra-hydrating oil that helps neutralize free radicals while nourishing your skin.  The olive oil supports skin’s natural moisture barrier without irritating or clogging pores. The polyphenol compounds present in olive oil may help repair sun-damaged skin.

Grapeseed Oil – Grape seed oil is a light, penetrating conditioner that will moisturize without leaving an oily residue. It also can help regulate your skin’s natural oil production.  Grape seed oil is packed with Vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes.

Shea Butter – One of my favorite ingredients.   Shea butter contains anti-inflammatory properties, Vitamin A. and allantoin, that help soothe and heal the skin, which makes is perfect skin protector.

Cocoa Butter – Is a great source of antioxidants, which help combat free radicals and help save your skin from the inevitable signs of aging and environmental stressors. Cocoa butter makes an excellent moisturizer. It is especially helpful for one suffering from eczema and psoriasis.

Conditioning EmulsifierNon-GMO natural substance derived from vegetable oils.  It is used to emulsify the water and oil together.

Stearic Acid – It is vegetable derived, used as a thickener in creams and lotions.

Optiphen – INCI: Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid, is a patent-pending liquid preservative from ISP/Sutton which offers broad spectrum preservation without parabens or formaldehyde. It is a globally approved preservative. It consists of Phenoxyethanol (an aromatic ether alcohol), Sorbic Acid (a natural acid that offers protection from yeast, fungus, and mold) and Caprylyl Glycol (an emollient base).

I use preservatives in all my products that contain any water or will encounter water.   Once water is introduced to the ingredients, lovely nasties will occur.  Don’t be fooled by other products stating no preservatives are used in water containing products.  A product needs a broad-spectrum preservative, not an anti-oxidant like vitamin E, grapefruit seed and rosemary extract.   Oxidation of oils and butters leads to rancidity and anti-oxidants slow down this process. These anti-oxidants do not prevent bacteria, yeast, or mold from spoiling your product.  I don’t want to risk getting any skin infections by using a product that contains a “natural preservative”.  If something is natural, it will break down.  So How can a “natural preservative” prevent the breakdown of a natural product?    The amount of Optiphen used in any skin care recipe is .01 to .05% of the total weight of the recipe.  It is considered safe when used at the suggested levels by many different government organization

Fragrance – The source varies from artificial to natural, depending on the scent.


How to use:

While in the shower or bath, apply to damp skin, buff with circular motions, rinse off, gently pat skin dry.  It is not necessary to apply body lotion after scrub application.

Warning: There might be some residue of oil left in your tub or shower, so be careful when stepping out. Try not to get any water in to the scrub.  If so, it will dissolve the sugar.





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